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The Case for PI and JMP

If you work with real-time data or manage complex operations, you may have encountered OSIsoft’s PI System. The PI System collects and stores decades of high-quality, real-time data from virtually any source.

And – of course – PI supports data scientists’ predictions.

For this reason, some of our Predictum clients find integrating PI with JMP Statistical Software to be particularly powerful. Recently, Predictum’s DevOps team worked with ADM, a global nutrition company, to help strengthen their own PI/JMP integration.

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Assessing Client Needs

This project traces its origins to ADM Principal Analytics Engineer, Isaac Himanga, and his open-source PI/JMP integration (which you can explore on GitHub!).

The integration features a graphical interface where users can bring data from PI directly into JMP. The original PI/JMP integration used SQL to facilitate the data transfers. 

However, Isaac and his team found one drawback to this system: any time a new team member needed the integration, each new user needed to manually instal the SQL drivers on their workstation computers. Installing SQL again and again became time-consuming and taxing on IT resources.

Above: Image of Aveva/OSISoft PI Tools graphical interface.

Problem Statement

The challenge facing users was that installing SQL required too much time and energy. The questions we arrived upon were:

  • What other technologies could accomplish the same data transfer outcome?
  • Could those technologies be implemented successfully to maintain a secure, fast application?

ADM and Predictum determined a new transfer protocol was needed.

Goal: Find a new data transfer protocol that would maintain a fast, effective PI/JMP application

Outcome Met

Our Predictum DevOps team established that we could  use the PI Web API to fetch client PI data and transfer it to JMP. 

This opened an easy way to grab data. In this new protocol, users simply generate a URL request to their PI server. The application then generates the URL based on what fields they select in their user interface.

Above: Lines of code deleted to remove SQL functionality, which Predictum replaced with Web API functionality.

Not only is this new system effective and secure, it delivers the integration without losing any functionality of the previous SQL-based system. 

Using the new Web API, users can now get up-and-running with the PI/JMP integration, without wasting invaluable staff time installing and maintaining cumbersome SQL drivers on multiple devices. 

The DevOps Difference

Through collaborative work with Predictum, ADM now offers the newest version of its open-source solution that will benefit the entire community of JMP users.

At Predictum, we chase any opportunity to help engineers and scientists make their work easier and more effective. When it comes to JMP Development, we often see engineers and scientists take time from their primary roles to manage a JMP application or provide support.

Predictum’s DevOps team offers JSL-proficient software engineers who build and maintain JMP applications that meet your organizational needs. Want to see how? Check out our development practices and other client success stories below!

The result is software quality assurance of a higher standard and greater robustness, reliability, and scalability of your software products. 

Do you have an application need? Predictum’s DevOps team can help!

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