For more than 25 years, Predictum has empowered engineers and scientists with a renewed approach to their demanding work

About Us

For over 25 years, Predictum has enabled companies to achieve higher levels of productivity, operational improvement and innovation, and realize significant savings in cost, materials, and time. Our team of engineers, data scientists, statisticians, and programmers leverages deep expertise across various industries to provide our clients with unique solutions and services that transform data into insightful discoveries in engineering, science, and research.

Our Approach

We are dedicated to advancing the productivity, performance and operational improvement of the engineering, science, and research initiatives of our clients’ organizations. We collaborate with our clients on understanding their most pressing business challenges and help them embark on new analytics initiatives to foster an organizational culture of collective intelligence, higher productivity and performance, and strong governance. We investigate their unique business needs and recommend strategic roadmaps for advanced analytics. We also help them put together a solid business case to be promoted to their senior management for current and future analytics projects.

Project needs assessment

Gain an understanding of clients’ business challenges that are obstacles to success. Conduct a thorough investigation of data-ingestion processes (sources, formats, equipment, platforms, and technologies) currently being used to determine potential solutions, scope of project requirements, approach to data structuring and transformation, suitable platforms and technologies, and potential training opportunities.

Proof of concept

Requirements analysis is critical to the success or failure of a Proof of Concept (POC). A POC captures statistically valid, representative data from users in three stages: data preparation, modeling, and evaluation.

Quality assurance testing and performance validation

Quality assurance includes fine tuning critical process parameters and critical quality attributes,  as well as performance evaluation and validation, before implementation and deployment.

Our Team

We are a team of highly skilled professionals committed to the advancement of problem solving, error prevention, and knowledge discovery through integrated analytical application to enable our clients to work and innovate more productively.

Our team has deep expertise and a diverse range of skills, and combined with a shared vision, enables us to deliver outstanding results. Our team is our most valued asset and inspires client confidence all that we do.

President and CEO

Wayne J. Levin

Wayne is the President and CEO at Predictum, leading the charge for more than 25 years.

Wayne Levin is the President and CEO at Predictum. He has been leading the charge of Predictum team for more than 25 years. He is passionate about delivering integrated analytical applications for engineers and scientists in various industries to improve productivity and operational performance. Wayne also leads statistical training courses and workshops, and speaks at conferences and events. He has forged a strong and longstanding partnership with JMP, a business unit of SAS Institute, as a major JMP customization and training partner. Wayne holds an M.A.Sc. in Engineering with a focus on research methods from the University of Waterloo and a B.A.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto.
Chief Software Engineer

Vince Faller

Vince leads the development team and is also the chief software architect.

Vince Faller is the Chief Software Engineer at Predictum. He leads the development team in integrated analytical applications development and is also the chief software architect. He brings extensive, in-depth knowledge of software engineering, database design, machine learning, and AI methodologies to the development and customization of Predictum's software products. Before joining Predictum, he was a metrology engineer at k-Space Associates and First Solar, specializing in thin-film optical metrology and working in the areas of wet chemistry, process engineering, and manufacturing. Vince holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Toledo.
Project Manager

Sylvia Fox

Sylvia oversees project monitoring and control, managerial reporting, and more.

Sylvia is the Project Manager at Predictum. She oversees project monitoring and control, resource allocation and scheduling, managerial reporting, and risk management in client projects. Before joining Predictum, she was a project manager at a large oil, gas, and petrochemical company. Sylvia holds a B.Math. from the University of Waterloo.
Software Engineer

Farhan Mansoor

Farhan specializes in integrated analytical applications development and is the lead developer for the CoBase application.

Farhan Mansoor is a Software Engineer at Predictum. He specializes in integrated analytical applications development, machine learning, and is the development lead for Predictum’s CoBase application. Farhan holds a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science from the University of Toronto.
Ben Peachey Higdon
Software Engineer

Ben Peachey Higdon

Ben is a software engineer at Predictum, with particular interests in data science and predictive modeling.

Ben is a software engineer at Predictum. Drawing on his diverse scientific background, Ben works to develop applications across the ecosystem of Predictum products. His particular interests are machine learning and predictive modeling. Ben holds an M.Sc. in data science from Ryerson University and a B.Sc. in nanoscience from the University of Guelph.
Sr. Programmer

Jason Erb

Jason specializes in software and IT development, database and equipment integration, and more.

Jason is a Senior Programmer/Analyst at Predictum. He specializes in software and IT development, database and equipment integration, and security risk identification and analysis. Jason holds a B.Math., specializing in Computer Science.
Sr. Data Scientist

Philip Ramsey

Phil specializes in modern experimental design and analysis strategies in engineering and science.

Phil is a Senior Data Scientist and Statistical Consultant at Predictum. He provides consulting services in data science, statistics, and machine learning for integrated analytical systems, custom projects, and training. He specializes in modern experimental design and analysis strategies and the use of statistics, data science, and machine learning in engineering and science.

In addition, Phil is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) where he teaches courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels in design of experiments, machine learning, and statistical methods for quality improvement. He has held the following relevant industrial positions: Senior Engineer for Materials and Processes Development, McDonnell Douglas, St. Louis, MO; Staff Scientist/Statistician, Alcoa Technical Center, Pittsburgh, PA; and Statistician/Senior Engineer, Rohm & Haas Electronic Materials (now Dow), Marlboro, MA.

Phil holds a Ph.D. in statistics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Sr. Data Scientist

Marie Gaudard

Marie specializes in data science, predictive modeling, design of experiments, and machine learning.

Marie is a Senior Data Scientist at Predictum who specializes in predictive modeling, design of experiments, statistics, and machine learning. She has extensive experience in consulting and statistical training in a wide variety of industries.

Marie is Professor Emerita of Statistics at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), where she has worked extensively with students and companies on the practical application of statistics. She is also a co-author of two books, one of which is about the use of JMP software and statistical methods to improve quality and the other is about the partial least squares technique. She was also a statistical writer for several years as a member of the JMP documentation team at SAS Institute.

Marie holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Sr. Data Scientist

Bernd Heinen

Bernd specializes in predictive modeling, design of experiments, and machine learning.

Bernd is a Senior Data Scientist at Predictum, specializing in predictive modeling, design of experiments, and machine learning.

Prior to joining Predictum, Bernd worked as a JMP Systems Engineer at SAS Institute with various responsibilities in global sales and technical enablement for over 10 years. For many years, he had an active IT consultancy business, providing business process design, system development and project management services to his customers. He began his career as a biometrician, consulting with applied scientists on their research and development work in the fields of medicine and agriculture.

Bernd has also evaluated and supported registrations for new commercial and consumer products in the chemical industry. In corporate training, he has developed and delivered on-site and online statistical courses, tailored to the needs of engineers and scientists and their relevant application areas, for public and private clients. He is delighted to hear occasionally from participants who say they never before could have imagined that "applying statistics could be fun."

Bernd holds a M.Sc. in Statistics from TU Dortmund University, Germany.

Sr. Analyst

Cy Wegman

Cy specializes in data analytics, empirical modeling and optimization.

Cy Wegman is a Senior Analyst at Predictum Inc., specializing in data analytics and empirical modeling and optimization. Before joining Predictum, he worked for 38 years at Procter & Gamble, where his last assignment was the Empirical Modeling leader for the company. Cy is a member of the P&G Prism Society, which represents the top 1% of P&G engineers, for profitably applying his technical mastery. His contributions have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings. His cross-industry work in manufacturing, engineering, and R&D has spanned molecular-scale to full-scale technologies, as well as material, formulation, process, packaging, and consumer models. Cy holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.
Sr. Technical Writer

Annie Leung

Annie specializes in technical communications, editing, and copywriting for sales and marketing.

Annie is a Senior Technical Writer at Predictum. She specializes in technical communications, editing, and copywriting for sales and marketing campaigns. As a development team member, she performs user testing and provides guidance on usability improvements in addition to producing user documentation. Before joining Predictum, Annie was the documentation team lead and marketing copywriter for a manufacturing execution software company. She is also a member of Editors Canada. Annie holds a B.A. in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Toronto and completed a postgraduate certificate in technical communications.
Office Manager

Irena Hopper

Irena is the Office Manager at Predictum.

Irena is the Office Manager at Predictum.

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