About Us

For almost 30 years, Predictum has been helping companies achieve higher levels of operational improvement and innovation and significant savings in cost, materials, and time. Our team of engineers, data scientists, statisticians, and programmers bring deep expertise across various industries to provide our clients with unique solutions and services that transform data into insightful discoveries in engineering, science, and research.

Our Approach

We are dedicated to advancing the productivity, performance and operational improvement of the engineering, science, and research initiatives of our clients’ organizations. We collaborate with our clients on understanding their most pressing business challenges and help them embark on new analytics initiatives to foster an organizational culture of collective intelligence, higher productivity and performance, and strong governance. We investigate their unique business needs and recommend strategic roadmaps for advanced analytics. We also help them put together a solid business case to be promoted to their senior management for current and future analytics projects.

Phases of typical projects

Project needs assessment activities:

  • Gain understanding of client’s burden of business challenges
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of data-ingestion process (sources, formats, equipment, platforms, and technologies) currently being used to determine scope of data and project requirements

Proof of concept activities:

  • Data preparation
  • Modeling
  • Evaluation

Quality assurance testing and production activities:

  • Finetuning critical process parameters and critical quality attributes
  • Implementation and deployment
  • Performance validation and evaluation


Our multi-disciplinary team is committed to the advancement of problem solving, error prevention, and knowledge discovery through predictive analytics to help our clients work and innovate more productively.


We foster strong relationships with our business partners, which are respected companies that are dedicated to maximizing the business value of advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, and AI for their clients.

We are proud to be an official, longstanding partner of JMP software, which helps users get the most out of their investment in JMP products. JMP statistical software is visual and interactive, which gives users the ability to explore data dynamically and make statistical discoveries. Users leverage powerful statistical and analytical capabilities in JMP to discover the unexpected. Since 1989, scientists, engineers and other data explorers have been using JMP software to make their worlds better.

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