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Dependability Assured.

Predictum’s software engineering team builds analytical applications and tools based on modern technological platforms for engineers, scientists and other analysts to boost productivity and effective problem solving in their daily work. In our own work, we use the latest software development tools and platforms to enable us to solve problems faster and make our own productivity gains, too.

Industry Leading Development Practices for JSL Projects

We have made a significant investment in modernizing our software development infrastructure with a CI/CD pipeline, which is unprecedented in the area of JMP Scripting Language development. Our latest software development and testing environment enables us to code and automatically test faster in shorter cycles. The results are software quality assurance of a higher standard and greater robustness, reliability, and scalability of our software products.

We understand the critical needs and requirements of our clients in engineering and science

Multidisciplinary team with a diverse range of expertise from software design and development to statistical discovery methods, analytical capabilities, machine learning, and data science.


Break free from constant vendor direction.

Our unique software development and testing environment supports JMP Scripting Language

Best-in-class integrated analytical applications development environment with a major focus on JMP Scripting Language (JSL), an automated CI/CD pipeline, and technical documentation.


Quality assurance, scalability, supportability and maintainability are built into our applications from the ground up.

Cross-sector experience in engineering and science across various industries

We have worked on projects in a broad range of industry sectors, from chemical to solar, from pharmaceutical to automotive.


Deep understanding of your business and industry and the expertise needed to meet your critical needs and requirements in developing your solution.

Our team members are interchangeable for effective resource allocation in projects

Standardized development practices that allow multiple developers to work both collaboratively and cross-functionally over time. No loss in productivity from changes in resource allocation for projects.


Reliability and supportability of problem solving and enhancements now and in the future

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How we are different

We enable our clients to accelerate problem solving, improvement and R&D. We combine our cross-industry experience, our background in engineering and statistics, and our best-in-class JSL development infrastructure to build reliable, scalable and integrated analytical applications that save time, improve productivity, and reduce cost.

Multi-component development environment


JMP software’s implementation of Hamcrest compares features and functionality with expected results from use cases. Developers use a dashboard to view and resolve inconsistencies and validation failures before generating a code release.


Provides source code version control and management, CI/CD pipeline, data security and integrity, using Hamcrest in automated testing to deliver solutions rapidly with quality assurance. This environment provides multi-level, automated unit testing and systems testing across operating systems, versions of JMP, and other platform variants.

Predictum System Framework

Predictum's System Framework (PSF) 2.0 provides a fundamental set of pre-existing, re-usable functions that ensure quality and substantially reduce development time. The code supports user interface configurations, varied data types, and statistical functions, as well as utilities that facilitate logging and Hamcrest testing and integration with our CI/CD pipeline.

Test early, test often

Most of our development projects require the collaboration of multiple team members. Large analytical applications are divided into logical groupings of component functions that make is easier to assign to multiple developers. Project work is carried out faster in parallel and minimizes potential development conflicts. Each function is designed with a set of use cases and their expected results are scoped and defined. Unit testing is done in short intervals as development proceeds through the project lifecycle.

In addition, system testing ensures that new functions and enhancements integrate seamlessly within the existing application. Multi-level testing in real time of different versions of JMP, various operating systems, and various other platforms is automated and validated in just minutes.

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Development Phase

Our CI/CD pipeline enables fast validation and early detection of problems with code releases.

Enhancements Phase

Features and enhancements are thoroughly tested to ensure they don’t introduce bugs to the existing system.

New versions of operating systems and JMP software are readily tested with our PSF 2.0 and existing code as they become available.

Production Phase

Ability to respond faster to support issues. Fixes are tested through the CI/CD pipeline to ensure they do not cause other problems elsewhere in the system.

Extended Hamcrest testing for new use cases is added to the CI/CD pipeline when needed.

Development goals

Successful applications development needs to seamlessly and efficiently accommodate growth and scalability for supportability and ensure compliance requirements are met (for example, FDA validation in the pharmaceutical industry).

We embed supportability into the application development from the start while continuously improving our development infrastructure and best practices.

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