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At Predictum, we build tools so that engineers, scientists and other analysts can be more productive and effective. We use tools ourselves to accomplish the same goals.

Industry Leading Development Practices for JSL Projects

We have invested heavily to put together a development environment not found elsewhere in JMP Scripting Language development. This environment allows us to code and automatically test faster, in short cycles. The result is a high level of software quality assurance and dependability.

Engineers, Statisticians & Programmers

A multidisciplinary team that matches your business objectives with our methods, talents and experience.


Break free from constant vendor direction.

Specialize Development Environment

Best in class integrated analytical development based on JMP Scripting Language including an automated CI/CD pipeline and technical documentation.


Quality assurance, supportability and maintainability are built in from the start.

Cross Sector Experience

We have worked on projects in every sector, from chemical to solar, from pharmaceutical to automotive and everything in between.


Familiarity with your business and industry to advise and develop the solutions you need.

Single or multi-project capability

Standardized development practices that allow multiple developers to work together and over time. Code is easily worked on by any developer.


Ongoing support and enhancements can be picked up by any member of our team, today and in the future.

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How we are different

Accelerate problem solving, improvement and R&D. We combine our cross-industry experience, our background in engineering and statistics and our best-in-class JSL development infrastructure to build reliable, scalable and integrated applications that save time, improve productivity and reduce cost.

Multi-component development environment


JMP’s implementation of Hamcrest matches what functions return with expected results from use cases. Developers are instantly aware of inconsistencies between the two and work to close the gap before code is released.


Provides source code management, CI/ CD, security and coupled with Hamcrest, automated testing to deliver solutions rapidly with quality assurance. This environment provides automated unit and systems testing across combinations of operating systems, versions of JMP and other platform variants.

Predictum System Framework

PSF 2.0 consists of a wide set of pre-existing, re-usable functions
that ensure quality and substantially reduces development time. The code provides GUI, data and statistical functions as well as utilities that facilitate logging and hamcrest testing and integration with our CI/CD Pipeline.

Test early, test often

Most of our development projects have multiple team members. Large applications are broken down into component functions that are assigned to developers. This allows us to develop in parallel, which speeds things up, but it also allows us to ensure that the contributions of each developer do not collide. Each function is designed, a set of use cases and their expected results are defined. Unit testing is done at short intervals as development proceeds.

Additionally, system testing ensures that the functions operate in combination as intended. The testing takes place over different versions of JMP and operating systems. All of this testing is automated and takes place in just a few minutes.

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Development Phase

Bugs are caught early. Infrastructure in place to provide support and enhancements.

Enhancements Phase

Enhancements are thoroughly tested to ensure they don’t introduce bugs in the system.

New versions of OS and JMP are readily tested as soon as they are available.

Production Phase

Quick responses to support issues. Fixes are tested through the pipeline to ensure they do not cause problems elsewhere in the system.

Hamcrest tests for new use cases can be added to the pipeline when needed.

Development goals

Successful applications development needs to seamlessly and efficiently accommodate growth, be designed with scalability in mind and ensure compliance requirements are met, including FDA validation.

We design supportability into the application from the start while continuously improving our development infrastructure and practices.

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