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Increase productivity and efficiency through standard work and analytical applications

Standardize and facilitate analytics with applications and tools tailored to your unique requirements

Integrated Analytical Systems Development

Ensure Consistent, Complete, Correct & Compliant Analytical Work

With teams following an analytical workflow, you provide them with the direction needed to get the job done the first time, correctly and consistently.

When something goes wrong, your team needs direction to respond quickly; it’s not the time to improvise

Many of our clients in engineering and science already use JMP software, but may not know about or use its many powerful capabilities that could benefit them in their daily work. Worse, they sometimes purchase additional software and systems without realizing that they already have those capabilities in JMP.

We can tailor relevant capabilities for your unique business requirements and industry.
Get a cost-effective solution that enables you to achieve greater cost savings, bring higher-quality products to market, and elevate productivity by their engineering and science teams

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Industrializing in-house developed applications for robustness and supportability

If you are using an in-house developed application to improve productivity, you may not have developed a maintenance and support plan to go with it. It may have started off with a small user base, but over time as fixes and updates were needed, the in-house application became cost-heavy and difficult to manage and support.

We can transform your in-house developed application into an industrial-level, cost-effective, and supportable system, and implement a sustainability plan to keep it running smoothly and error-free.


  • Maintain your in-house developed system that management and users have been accustomed to using
  • Provide a robust, underlying framework to the existing features and functionality for dependability, scalability, and supportability
  • Close gaps in your system environment with our assessment and recommendation of required components

Tailoring analytical applications from the ground up

If you are faced with a “buy vs build” scenario for finding an analytical application to resolve your unique business challenges in engineering and science, we can remove the obstacle with a tailored solution that fits the bill. We leverage the best platforms, technologies, and capabilities in collaborating with you on the build configuration.

Get the features that you need in a cost-effective and scalable analytical application that can adapt and grow with your business model. Elevate the productivity and innovation of your engineers and scientists with a solution that puts them in the driver’s seat for effective problem solving.


  • Build a new system that fits your unique business requirements of your company and your industry
  • Configure the features and functionality specifically for different types of users
  • Leverage our existing Predictum System Framework (PSF 2.0) and development expertise to ensure dependability and high quality
  • Implement a cost-effective solution that meets today’s challenges, but yet it’s adaptable and scalable to grow with changing requirements

Industry leading development practices

We have invested heavily to put together a development environment not found elsewhere in JMP Scripting Language development. This environment allows us to code and automatically test faster, in short cycles. The result is a high level of software quality assurance and dependability.

It is particularly important to regulated industries such as pharmaceutical/biotechnology, aerospace and transportation where software validation is required. Validation costs can be reduced while raising compliance levels due to automated testing on both the unit and systems levels.

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Webinar: Learn about our modernize DevOps environment to accelerate JSL development

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore how we accelerate custom applications development using JMP Scripting Language (JSL) in our modernized DevOps environment.

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Customer Success Stories


Complexity in Chemical Experimentation

A global consumer products company’s products involve some complex chemistry including certain mixture combination rules that must be adhered to as they experiment to improve their offerings.


Heavy Equipment Reliability Modeling

A manufacturer of services the heavy equipment selling around the world. Each installation generates large quantities of data which are used to generate reliability models.

Call Centre

Early Warning and Rapid Response

Failures in the backend systems at a multinational, multi-product electronics company can lead to an expensive spike in activity at their call-centers.

Getting started

We tailor to your unique needs with a three step process that kickstarts your efficiency

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Build a Deployment Plan

We will design a roll-out plan that suits your budget and needs

Build & Deploy

We build your application with short, regular reviews. You deploy the application and watch your team’s productivity increase.

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