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Marketing “Aha!” moments: Stop waiting. Start making.

Your insights and ideas are not worth the wait. So don’t wait. Get the full picture from your marketing, so you can act swiftly and impactfuly.


Confident, decisive actions with the full marketing picture.

At Predictum Inc., we believe you deserve reliable breakthrough moments, that win marketing results. That’s why we harness over 30 years of data analysis expertise to provide you a scientific perspective on your marketing efforts.
Our mission is to help you make informed, impactful decisions that drive marketing success.
From product research and market analysis to business intelligence, you will see immediate and long-term results, optimizing your spending, acquiring customers, and gaining competitive advantage.


With analysis excellence of over thirty years at your service, you will be able see the full impact of your marketing initiatives, make well-informed improvements, and gain deeper levels of precision.

Market Analysis

In the hands of non-analysts, ad data and dashboards will only get you so far. Predictum’s marketing analysis solutions apply rigorous data analysis to pressing questions about how well you promote and how you win customer loyalty.
Make Every Ad Dollar Count

Understand the impact of every marketing dollar spent, track customer acquisition costs, and identify the most lucrative channels and campaigns.

Test your media before rolling out

Pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign long before it hits the airwaves. We can help you pilot your campaign on a sample that carefully represents your target audience. With insights in hand, you can tailor your content to make the best impression and drive real customer growth.

Earn Customer Growth and loyalty

Loyal customers are lucrative customers. So why not maximize their impact?  We can help you model customer loyalty against competition and accurately describe and predict the impact of customer loyalty on your revenue.


Product Research

Deeply understand your customers’ needs, refining concepts and ensuring your offerings are on the mark. We can help you…


Discover what consumers love about products in your category and why. Competitive knowledge can help you build products that stand out in the market, win market share, and bolster brand loyalty.


Put your product concepts to the test with focus groups, in-home experiments, and rigorous analyses of data gathered in experiments. We can help you design studies that get your products ahead and tell you what customers truly think.

Analyze Product Attributes

Want to know what features matter most? Run optimal designed experiments to define and predict what product features customers love.


Our Experts

Headshot photo of Predictum data analysis instructor and consultant, Cy Wegman.
Sr. Analyst

Cy Wegman

Cy specializes in data analytics, empirical modeling and optimization.

Cy Wegman is a Senior Analyst at Predictum. He specializes in data analytics and empirical modeling and optimization.
Before joining Predictum, he worked for 38 years at Procter & Gamble, where his last assignment was the Empirical Modeling leader for the company. Cy is a member of the P&G Prism Society, which represents the top 1% of P&G engineers, for profitably applying his technical mastery. His contributions have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual savings. His cross-industry work in manufacturing, engineering, and R&D has spanned molecular-scale to full-scale technologies, as well as material, formulation, process, packaging, and consumer models.

Cy holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Sr. Analyst

Rob Reul

Specialist in marketing science, insight research, marketing analytics, predictive modeling, business strategy, and continuous improvement.

Steeped in analytics and schooled in quality disciplines, Rob has been providing clients research and strategy for over 20 years. He continues to pioneer Voice of Customer (VoC) — most recently by integrating behavioral and preference analytics into decision making tools. He applied his extensive process improvement experience to create an innovative business improvement model unparalleled in the market research industry.

Expertise and credentials include:
- Quantitative Research & Analysis
- Customer Research Design
- Market & Customer Baselines
- Choice Modeling & Segmentation

He is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, the founder of the Carlson School of Management Discrete Choice Experimental Design Think Tank, an ISO 9000 – Quality System Lead Auditor, and National Quality Award Senior Examiner.

Case Study

Food and Beverage

Global food and beverage manufacturer predicts consumption using S-VEM Machine Learning


Predicting how often consumers will purchase food and drink items can be challenging when equipped with data sets from countries across the globe, and the need to make accurate predictions.

Predictum Inc. partnered with a global food and beverage manufacturer to determine if their advertising affected consumption.

Techniques included using the SVEM Machine Learning Add-In for JMP to model the factors that most influence consumption and then answer how likely customers would be to consume given ad spend.

The Problem

Predicting product consumption and sales across various countries caused difficulty

The Solution

A tailored application of SVEM Machine Learning to use consumer data to make high accuracy predictions.

The Benefit

Real time alerts with action to resolution time cut by 49%

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