Accelerate Problem Solving, Improvement and R&D. Keep the work as an asset in a knowledge repository to be re-used instead of regenerated – saving time and money.


Our products and services are designed to instruct and transfer analytical methods to engineers, scientists and other analysts to make them self-reliant and accelerate their work.

Too many science-based companies lose their investment in knowledge soon after their staff generates it. Once the problem is solved, the improvement is realized or the R&D project is complete, the knowledge work including the data, analysis and resulting predictive models are lost, or at least inaccessible to others.

That is why we pioneered CoBase™ and SashLAB™. These products preserve your investment in the core work of engineers, scientists and other analysts. Staff can asynchronously collaborate with their colleagues, even if they are absent or no longer with the company. Knowledge work is identifiable, searchable, retrievable and reusable.

Foster an organizational culture that prevents rework of analyses that your team has previously done and saved as siloed data. Capture and index high volumes of historical data and analyses in a unified and centralized knowledge management system. Share your knowledge across your teams and reap the benefits of collective intelligence.

Outpace competitors respond to supply chain disruptions. Accelerate your research and development shorten your experimentation cycles. SashLAB is a virtual lab application that enables engineers scientists and researchers to perform experiments virtually to fully vet designs of compounds and formulations effectively in minutes.

Develop better products. Improve existing processes. Extract more experimental insights. Build more accurate predictive models. And do it all in less time—at a lower cost with Self-Validated Ensemble Models. S-VEM helps you build insight-rich predictive models quickly and cost-efficiently by combining the power of machine learning and DOE.