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Lectures and workshops from the Predictum team

Leveraging Machine Learning and AI in R&D, Engineering and Science

In this video, we will give an overview of advanced capabilities for addressing the operational challenges faced by engineers, scientists, and researchers with the increased use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Major Advantages in Building Predictive Models from DOEs and Other Small Data Sets

Computing has made possible new methods for analyzing designed experiments and other low-data, multiple column data sets. Dr. Philip Ramsey, Sr. Data Scientist at Predictum, reviews the method here.

Modernizing Development Practices for Applications that Use JSL

This is a recording of a BrightTalk session which explores how Predictum’s development team has modernized its development environment for building analytical applications, which are based on JMP software. Scripters who work with JMP Scripting Language (JSL) will learn best practices to enable them to modernize their own development environment.

Facilitating CMC Development and Regulatory Filings with Phase Appropriate QbD

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are under increasing pressure to reduce timelines and costs to speed up the delivery of safe and high-quality products to patients. Even though timelines may change, the activities within the CMC regulatory pathway must be fulfilled and it is essential to look at the CMC program holistically and in early development.

Enhancing and Extending JMP’s Process Screening Platform

JMP Add-Ins are extremely practical for users who are required to perform a complex set of tasks in a routine manner. To help these types of users in a client project, we were challenged with extending and customizing the Process Screening platform in JMP software to make it more comprehensive for our client KLA’s new product development application. The Process Screening platform was customized, allowing it to be simplified in some respects and extended in other ways.