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Companies are required to keep pace with competitive differentiation, stricter regulations and compliance, and volatile market conditions. Our services can help you elevate your analytical capabilities to the next level for faster problem solving, error prevention, and knowledge discovery.

We help you bridge analytical gaps to gain a deeper understanding of the business challenges at hand and make better decisions for higher productivity gains, lower costs, and exceptional operational performance.

Integrated Analytical Systems Development

When an out-of-the-box analytics solution isn’t the right fit for your organization’s particular requirements in engineering, science, and research, a tailored, integrated analytical system may be more suitable for the required purpose. We collaborate with you to gain a solid understanding of your most pressing business challenges so that we can recommend the most appropriate analytical capabilities, platforms, technologies, and architecture in developing your custom solution.

We leverage our deep expertise in analytical systems development, database design, statistical methods in industrial applications, data science, machine learning, AI, and business intelligence to develop robust, reliable, and performance-driven custom solutions. We blend our proprietary Predictum System Framework (PSF) with powerful capabilities from JMP software, JMP Scripting Language (JSL) development, SAS, Python, R and other leading platforms and technologies.


  • Cost-effectiveness in meeting particular and stringent requirements for reliable and high-performance data analysis, visualization, and discovery
  • Greater accuracy in using digital workflows to complete complex procedures
  • Simplifying the use of advanced analytics and statistical methods so that users can focus on their own subject matter without being deterred by statistical jargon
  • Facilitating compliance management and maintaining data integrity for regulated industries through our Compliance as a Consequence™ feature

Data Science Consulting

Our consultants bring a wealth of experience to industry-level operational challenges, not only in data science, but also in statistical methods, machine learning, AI, and other advanced platforms and technologies. We also leverage conventional statistical methods, such as ANOVA and Regression, GLM and PLS, to recommend the most effective analytical capabilities, software platforms, technologies, and architecture for industrial-level applications. If your project might benefit from our assistance in any of our areas of expertise, we would be pleased to be a member of your project team.

If you have a particularly difficult and complex business challenge that requires comprehensive examination, we also provide technical facilitation services that help you examine the relevant procedures, materials, and energy types involved in your operations before seeking potential solutions.

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