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Customized Data Analysis and Statistical Training


Training Tailored to You

Predictum offers data analysis and statistical training for engineers, scientists, and professionals involved in R&D, process development, and manufacturing.

We promise the most effective, customized instruction for your individual needs.

We instruct all skill levels and offer on-site, virtual, and self-paced e-Learning, maintaining instructors with over 30 years of industry and academic experience each.

Want to see the difference? Check out how Predictum builds results!

Live Training

Learn with personalized, live courses from the Predictum team.


Measurement System Assessment (MSA)

Learn the experimental designs and analytical methods for assessing the performance capabilities of quantitative variables gauge measurement systems.

Duration: 1/2 day


Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This course provides participants with the basic tools for implementing statistical process control charting techniques on the manufacturing floor.

Duration: 1 day

Foundations of Data Analysis for Product and Process Improvement

Predictum’s highest-enrollment, in-demand JMP fundamentals training. Sharpens basic, intermediate and advanced analytical disciplines and prepares your team to address real-world scenarios, harnessing Predictum’s in-house experts of over 25 years.

Duration: 3 days

Modern Design of Experiments (DOE)

Design of Experiments (DOE) one of the most effective ways to do research today. Advance the competitiveness of your organizations by discovering deeper insights in less time and at lower cost.

Duration: 2 days

Introduction to the JSL – JMP Scripting Language

Programming custom scripts in JMP can be easily done with the right tools. This 1-day course will boost your programming productivity as you learn faster, more effective ways to harness JMP’s engine.

Duration: 1 day

Design of Experiments for Mixtures Using Machine Learning

Design of Experiments for Mixtures Using Machine Learning

Duration: 3 days

Leading Data Science Teams

Leverage your data’s maximum value and lead your team’s decision making success through appropriate statistical methods and empirical modeling.

Duration: 1 day

Digital Transformation with Excel

Driving digital transformation and modeling in organizations --universally valued skills that enable decision making and business growth. This course deals with many peoples’ current reality of important data existing in “scraps” of spreadsheets, isolated models and in non-structured email communications.

Duration: 6 hours

Mixture Experiments Using Machine Learning: “A How-To Approach”

A one-day, method-centered version of “Design of Experiments for Mixtures with Machine Learning."

On completion, students will be able to use statistical software to perform mixture experiments and optimize mixture systems.

Duration: 2 half-day sessions

What our clients say

I have taken JMP DOE classes several times in the past 20 years. This was the best one.


Phil and Marie graciously evaluated one of our data sets. It was a complicated data set. The discussions prior to class and their evaluation of the structure of the file prior to the class was very useful in addition to their evaluation in class.

Process Engineer

I learned more about mixtures and how important they are to upstream development activities. Will change how I experiment in the future.

Process Engineer

The principal concepts of many approaches and statistics are very interesting and valuable.


Predictum gave examples from our company and similar data sets.

Process Engineer

Learning space filling designs for mixtures and how to design the experiments in JMP and the subsequent analysis, and breakdown of how SVEM works were valuable. Honestly, it's all very useful material.

Process Engineer


e-Learn with Predictum Academy.

e-Learning Made Easy

With e-Learning by Predictum Academy, you can take control of your instruction. Visit Predictum Academy to browse our on-demand e-courses and start learning now.

The Predictum Difference

Deep Industry Knowledge + Customized Instruction

Our instructors have decades of problem application, curriculum development and knowledge transfer in many industries, including:

  • Chemical
  • Heavy Industry
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor

First, we listen to your needs and determine a course of instruction appropriate for you.

We surpass traditional training models by offering customized instruction, in which we tailor courses to your data and challenges.

Across all industries, we emphasize teaching concepts and approaches that can be reapplied to a broad spectrum of problems.

In short, when you learn with Predictum, we help you build critical capacities for your industry and unique challenges.

Instructor Access

Our instructors go the extra step to help concepts stick.

Predictum instructors make themselves available for 1:1 and group office hours to answer questions about the content or help you work on your own problems.

From determining the instruction that best suits your needs to post-course follow-up, we give you individual attention to see that your needs are met and that your instruction sticks.

Knowledge Retention = Results

Our #1 goal: Knowledge Retention and Results.

When intentionally applied, data science skills save millions to hundreds of millions of dollars through accelerated and more effective R&D, higher reliability, waste reduction and improved quality. 

We help your instruction stick by providing participants with PDF handouts of the presentation and example problem files. Combined with courses customized to your work and industry case problems, we prioritize experience that is relevant and ready to put to work.

Case Studies

Across all our client services, we build results. See the difference Predictum makes.

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