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Accelerate experimentation and research with the analytical capabilities of a virtual lab

Outpace competitors, respond to supply chain disruptions. Accelerate your research and development, shorten your experimentation cycles

Accelerating research and development

SashLAB is a virtual lab application that enables engineers, scientists, and researchers to perform experiments virtually and fully vet designs of compounds and formulations effectively in minutes.

Reduce costs from unvetted physical experiments.

A typical minimum ROI is 1700% based just on the significant increase of productivity in experiments.

Rapid validation of virtual experiments

Rapid validation of virtual experiments in a fraction of the time before making decisions to perform physical experiments.

Reduce experiment cost factors

Ability to adjust cost factors affected by supply chain constraints by using raw material substitution to mitigate risks when creating compounds and formulations

Up to 1,700% Return on Investment based on associated savings

Customers have reported up to 1700% return on investment based on the savings associated with the virtual experiments.

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Key Features

Predictum’s SashLAB application has powerful features and analytical capabilities, which can be customized tailored to meet client requirements and business objectives.

Formulation editor for compounds

Select from a complete inventory of versions of compounds and formulations as a starting point for new recipes and experimentation.

Cost editor with ingredient substitution

Select ingredients based on varying cost factors, based on supply chain availability, make substitutions of raw materials, or make cost comparisons across multiple geographical regions.

Predictive model selection management

Interactive prediction factor profiler

View and analyze interactively the cumulative results from virtual experiments using data visualization with predictive models rapidly, in 10 minutes or less.

Virtual Experimentation Environment

The Virtual Laboratory is an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments: a blank canvas for experimentation that reduces development time significantly and accelerates research.

Enables engineers, scientists, and researchers to perform experiments virtually to fully vet designs of compounds and formulations effectively in minutes.

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Getting started

Getting started with SashLAB is easy, that will help you get the most from the application

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Build a Deployment Plan

We will design a rollout plan that suits your budget and needs.

Capture & Deploy Knowledge

Implement a knowledge-centric approach and solution for virtual experimentation and watch your staff’s productivity ramp up faster and more effectively.

Discover more about SashLAB’s features and analytical capabilities for virtual experimentation in engineering, science, and research.

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Discover how companies are using virtual labs to enable smarter and faster scientific research and product development.


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