Build on your existing knowledge to accelerate problem-solving and discovery

Stop regenerating analyses that your team has done and lost: Capture and index data and analyses. Share across your teams and benefit from prior work instead of repeating it.

Collaborative knowledge made simple

CoBase, as a unified, centralized, standardized knowledge capturing, containment and management system makes analyses and their underlying data searchable and reusable.

Leverage what you already know

Never again paying twice for the same insights and discoveries from your research and experimental data

Centralize your knowledge

Historical experiments and studies become data assets accessible through a centralized knowledge management system

Reduce costs
Improve productivity

Uncovering inconsistencies, potential interactions, and other complex dynamics in experimentation and research results in determining the root cause of anomalies faster and more efficiently

Take advantage of the expertise already within your organization

Provide them easy access to the full spectrum of knowledge: cross-functional, multi-departmental, collective intelligence.

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Collective Intelligence

People are great for generating knowledge but are poor knowledge containers. When people are reassigned, leave or are just not available their knowledge is needlessly lost. You either pay again to regenerate it or are vulnerable to omitting important insights.

Standards play an important role in every productivity gain. We see it as central to Industry 4.0. CoBase encourages standards in knowledge generation by standardizing models and factor and response names. Add tagging and anyone is able to search and find prior analyses conducted by anyone.

Regenerating what was already known is unproductive and delays goals.

Eliminate the rework in research and problem-solving and the other demanding work of your team.

Give your team not only the data but also the analyses previously generated from the data so they actively carry forward prior work instead of starting all over again when a production problem arises or new research initiates. Problems are solved and discoveries are found faster when starting where others left off.

Build a collaborative knowledge system

Capture and index data and analyses. Make it easily available, when required, to those who require it to accelerate research and problem solving.

Many companies today are capturing data and putting them in data lakes. CoBase also saves models fuelled by data. These models are explicit expressions of knowledge. As such, they should be managed, continuously validated and curated. CoBase makes this possible.

Software engineers have Repositories, Sales and Marketing have Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Engineers, scientists and business analysts need CoBase.

Getting started

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Capture & Deploy Knowledge

Build your knowledge inventory by easily transferring JMP data tables to CoBase and watch your staff’s efficiency rise.

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