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Knowledge creation by engineers, scientists and business analysts tends to be siloed, scattered, and in high volumes.

Discover how the value of their collective intelligence is being lost on a daily basis without a system for managing knowledge like an asset.

Knowledge management for analytics and research data just got easier

CoBase is a unified and centralized knowledge management system that enables analyses and their supporting data to be searchable, reused, and shared.

Leverage existing knowledge effectively across R&D teams

Never again paying twice for the same insights and discoveries from your research and experimental data

Transform your data into knowledge assets

Historical experiments and studies become data assets accessible through a centralized knowledge management system

Reduce costs
Improve productivity

Uncover inconsistencies, potential interactions among factors, and other complex dynamics in experimentation and research results to discover the the root cause of anomalies faster and more efficiently

Take advantage of centralized knowledge to prevent duplicating research

Provide easy access to cross-functional, multidisciplinary engineering and science teams for sharing collective intelligence to discover new insights.

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Unmanaged and siloed knowledge creation results in decreased productivity and lower profits. Discover how managing your institutional knowledge like an asset will unify and preserve the collective intelligence to be repurposed and used across your organization.

Collective Intelligence

Knowledge workers are adept at generating knowledge, but don’t necessarily store relevant data systematically. When they are reassigned, leave their jobs, or are unavailable for problem solving, their knowledge is inaccessible by others who may need it. You might either pay again to regenerate the same type of data or are risk for losing important insights.

Standards play an important role in every productivity gain and key factors to a digital transformation to Industry 4.0. CoBase encourages standards in knowledge generation by standardizing models and factor and response names. Using metadata tagging enables users to search and find prior analyses conducted by their peers.

Regenerating what was already known is unproductive and delays goals.

Eliminate the rework in research and problem solving and the other demanding work of your team.

Give your team access not only to relevant data, but also the analyses previously generated from the data. They will be enabled to carry forward prior work instead of repeating experiments when a production problem arises or new research is initiated. Problems are solved and discoveries are made faster when you take over problem solving efforts, which were started by others.

Elevate knowledge assets with the power of predictive models

CoBase also saves predictive models fuelled by relevant experimental data. These models are explicit expressions of knowledge to be continuously managed, validated, and prioritized.

Where software engineers have a repository for unifying and centralizing their software development data, engineers, scientists and other knowledge workers need CoBase for their analytical and research data.

Getting started

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Capture & Deploy Knowledge

Build your knowledge assets by easily transferring JMP data tables to CoBase and see the growth in your staff’s productivity.

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