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Knowledge Relationship Management

A Collaborative Platform for Your Engineering, Science & Business Analysis

Knowledge is more than just data. It’s the conversations, documents and moments in your team’s work that allows you to predict, solve-problems, generate improvement and conduct R&D.

Too often, this knowledge is lost or impossible to find, leaving data without context and limiting its future use.

That’s why we created Knowledge Relationship Management.

Keep all aspects of knowledge together for future reference. Don’t regenerate existing knowledge. Harness it and unlock discoveries.


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Visualization for Project Management

Your knowledge is recorded in a network map.

This map shows discrete events as “nodes”, connected sequentially.

Manage the steps in your work, compile project histories in real time, and store all the data associated with each step.

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Store Knowledge

Preserve knowledge in one location.

CoBaseKRM stores the data, ELN notes, documents, and other information you produce for every step of your work using “nodes.”

Explore stored knowledge node by node, or find knowledge quickly using CoBase’s quick search function.

Collaboration and User Access

Collaborate across your organization and with outside contributors.

With user management, your staff can work across teams and departments.

Choose user access levels and restrictions. Protect your intellectual property. Work effectively and seamlessly.

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Data Governance

Organizations need to make sure their data can be used and reused by others.

CoBaseKRM’s data governance tools keep data formatted consistently across your organization, which ensures your data is easy to find, understand, and utilize.

Technology Transfer

Manage your technical knowledge as a transferable company asset.

Share and handoff R&D projects, formulations, product data, and other knowledge assets in their entirety.

Explore Uses Relevant to You

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Keep management and staff fully connected with structured data and shared knowledge assets

Poorly designed experiments, unstructured data, and poorly organized projects are all-too-common R&D stumbling blocks in many industries.

CoBaseKRM keeps your data uniformly structured and connects your researchers’ progress through ELN notes, wikis, and documents, all in on central location.

As a result, findings, the analyses that generated them, and data are connected, easy to locate and even easier to put to use.

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Find relevant prior work to accelerate your problem solving

Over time, staff come and go, contributing process improvements along the way.

CoBaseKRM saves prior work from your process improvement and problem-solving initiatives, allowing you to reference existing solutions and solve current problems quickly.


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Win confidence for investor funding and acquisitions

CoBaseKRM is a consolidated, comprehensive and complete history of your research and development.

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Improve Business Analysis with Instant
Access to Research Data

No matter if you are implementing cost controlling methods, track costs, or building your business intelligence, CoBaseKRM connects your business analysis teams to macro and micro details in your technical work.

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Stay connected to engineering
and science work

Management needs to track, streamline and evaluate the efficacy of their processes, including knowledge work.

CoBaseKRM is the one tool you need to stay connected to your engineering, science, and business analysis work.

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Ensure Reliable Data Exchange with Vendors

Working with contract research organizations (CROs) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) requires a reliable and convenient way to exchange data.

Ensure everyone involved in your manufacturing follows agreed data governance rules.

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