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Analytical systems combine silos of large, unstructured data allowing engineers to surface insights, solve problems and increase yield.


Sometimes getting engineers to follow procedure is like herding cats even when all recognize that the procedures are important to ensure consistency and product superiority. An Analytical Workflow solves this and other problems.

The Problem

Semiconductor fabs generally have an abundance of data but the insights they contain are too often beyond reach. Part of the problem is that the data are optimized for storage, speed and compression. Additionally, the data structure across the fab is very complex with data spread over multiple databases each with multiple, incongruent, tables. Each section of the fab has a database designed for their needs but today, vital, yield-improving insights are also found looking across the entire fab.

As a result, Engineers find it enormously difficult to retrieve and combine data for the purposes of analysis in general and across-the-fab analyses in particular.

Engineers need to quickly and effectively join and arrange data from these various sources into a single, wide-structured table so that they can correlate data across the fab. Doing so is difficult, time consuming and prone to error. We hear repeatedly that when directed to solve a problem engineers spend 80% of their time just pulling and arranging the data – delaying time to solution and introducing too many opportunities for error. Improvement efforts are impeded and many of them abandoned.

The Solution

Build a single GUI-based, analytical workflow to allow people to select sources, ranges, tools and the like and then intelligently do all the pulls and joins that are necessary to create an analytical table, column or row based, as required. A wide-reaching application like this allows engineers to focus on root-cause analysis and identify correlations and other exploitable-insights.

Solve problems, and inform decisions. Predictum® builds analytical tools that, with a few clicks, pull data from various sources and clearly displays them for analysis. Positioning you in problem-solving mode in seconds.

The Benefit

Solve problems and realize improvement fast without the frustrations associated with unstructured, divided and incongruent sources of data. Engineers are doing what they do best: think

The Problem

Disparate and unstructured sources of data frustrate problem solving.

The Solution

A wide-reaching, GUI-based analytical workflow that pulls, combines and structures data for analysis.

The Benefit

Improvements realized and problems solved fast.

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