Case Study

Heavy Equipment Reliability Modeling

Analysis now happens with experts acting collectively, in real time


A heavy industrial equipment maker and operator needed to collapse the endless cycles involved in building reliability models

The Problem

Being data driven can be very time consuming. There are challenges in acquiring, integrating and structuring data and then isolating irrelevant data and outliers. An indefinite number of cycles was required to complete each model. Each cycle is long and very tedious.

The Solution

We built an interactive, integrated application that allowed them to model and compare scenarios in real time.

Endless series of meetings replaced with one to three, concise sessions where decisions are based on full exploration of available data

The Benefit

Analysis now happens with experts acting collectively, in real time. Numerous meetings and weeks of work ended up taking hours with better results. Decisions are no longer deferred time and time again. Because data can be so easily handled, sensitivity analysis on the contribution of each data point is easy with instant updates on the models.

The Problem

A group of engineers required endless number of meetings to make decisions

The Solution

An integrated, interactive tool that allows engineers to dynamically model variant sets of data in real time

The Benefit

50% time savings. Executive review effort reduced by 75%.Time spent restructuring the data reduced by 80%.

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