Case Study

Call Center Rapid Response

Early interventions prevent a bottleneck from happening, saving this company millions of dollars


Our client is one of the worlds biggest multinational, multi-product electronics manufacturers with call centers around the world.

The Problem

Failures in the backend systems led to expensive spikes in volume of calls at their call-centers, thereby creating a bottleneck.Each call to the call center is a cost to the company. Given that they literally have millions of users, one back-end problem can easily generate $100,000s in call center costs.

The Solution

We built a custom integrated analytical application that monitors calls and, combining artificial intelligence with control charts, provides early warning of problems.

Rapid response avoids problems leading to higher customer satisfaction.

The Benefit

Early interventions prevent the bottleneck from happening, saving this company millions of dollars and an early fix means that fewer customers experience the problem to begin with.

The Problem

Problems in backend systems can lead to 10,000s of calls in just hours

The Solution

Monitoring application that combines AI with Control Charts provides rapid detection

The Benefit

Millions of dollars saved in just the first 3 months.

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