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Extracting data from a report is tedious and error prone, no matter your industry.

Recently, Predictum’s DevOps team partnered with an electronic device manufacturer who needed an easy way to extract data from product testing reports and create control charts.

Assessing Needs

Through an assessment of needs, the Predictum’s in-house DevOps team learned that the client uses test devices to output raw text files regarding product quality. While these text files provide the necessary information, the client was burdened with manually transposing this data to a standard, data table format, suitable for producing control charts and subsequently evaluating process stability and quality.

Problem Statement

Two big challenges stood out in initial conversation:

  • Hours of valuable staff time were squandered doing manual data transcription, where it could be used much better to solve problems and innovate
  • Manually transcribing data opened the possibility of transcription error, a non-starter in Quality Control

After gathering additional information, the client and Predictum’s DevOps team determined automation was needed.

Goal: Create a validated, custom application to automatically extract data from reports and populate a control chart interface

In order to deliver this desired outcome, our DevOps team created an application with the following objectives: 

  • Extract desired pieces of raw data from a machine-generated report
  • Combine new data with prior data
  • Create a user interface where clients can monitor data and create control charts 

Outcome Met

Following established development practices, our team delivered the specified application, saving the client the time needed to manually produce the same control charts. 

This step towards efficient reporting additionally removed the opportunity for transcription errors, ensuring highest data quality, and, ultimately, high quality product reporting for needs across the client’s team. 

The Predictum DevOps Difference

Many of our clients in engineering and science already use JMP software, but may not know about or use all of its powerful capabilities.

To support all of your statical, data analysis, and data science needs, Predictum has created a robust DevOps team.

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Our development practices and system framework are not found elsewhere in JMP Scripting Language development. We code, automatically test, and validate software in shorter cycles; and this provides you faster turnarounds for your applications, and cost savings.

The results are software quality assurance of a higher standard and greater robustness, reliability, and scalability of our software products. 

Do you have an application need? Predictum’s DevOps team can help!

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