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Do you use control charts for your quality control? A recent Predictum client approached our team about this topic!

Over a number of years, the client had coded a custom JMP application, intended to generate control charts and reports automatically; but overtime, they realized their application had grown to an unruly 17,000+ lines of code and could not adapt to newer needs. Key considerations included: 

  • When users wanted new information, or errors occurred, a team member must manually reprogram the application
  • The client needed to retain at least one team member able to make changes to the codebase
  • The code contained many redundancies, making function organization and troubleshooting difficult
  • Constant reprogramming burned through hours of invaluable time

Predictum responded by rewriting and optimizing the 17,000-line application. The finished product contained fewer than 2,500 lines of modularized code.

The improved application features a new user interface for selecting datasets, and a Microsoft Excel data configuration file that synchronizes with JMP. This file provides users with flexibility to produce charts customized to their needs.


Through code optimization and custom interfaces, users can now create desired control charts, QC reports, and adapt to the future with their data analytics tools.

Predictum clients are thrilled that we can help them remove the frustration of maintaining custom applications.

Our in-house DevOps team removes the need for clients to assign staff to the task of continually maintaining and enhancing applications, while keeping up with the latest versions of JMP.

Want to learn more about how Predictum’s custom analytical system development can support your needs?

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