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This year, we’ve seen another year of changes across many industries with notable successes and some setbacks. Companies have continued to fuel innovation through new product and process development in the drive to differentiate their innovative offerings in the competitive marketplace.

Major breakthroughs of approved vaccines in the pharmaceutical industry have been significant in diminishing COVID-19 infections and enabled us to gather in person safely in limited numbers. In contrast, supply chain shortages of raw materials and delayed deliveries in their recovery management.

Since before the pandemic, we’ve been committed to helping clients understand the criticality of modernizing their approaches to R&D, experimentation, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling and help them move towards this path. Companies that continue to rely on conventional methods and techniques despite the frenetic pace of change today will continue to face challenges for the long term , including having to source suitable substitutes for raw materials and the inability to leverage past learnings due the departure of key personnel.

We’re thankful for the continued collaboration with existing clients and business partners in delivering custom application development projects and training courses. We’ve introduced our Self-Validating Ensemble Modeling and CoBase applications to number of companies that are looking to modernize their problem-solving, improvement and R&D initiatives through digital transformation and the latest methods in machine learning and predictive modeling. Our efforts to reinforce existing business relationships and forge new ones have enabled us to make continuous improvements to our product and service offerings for engineers and scientists across the globe:

  • We have started exciting, new business relationships with companies in several different industries.
  • We were so delighted to participate in conference events, such as JMP Discovery Summit Europe and JMP Discovery Americas. It’s always rewarding to connect with peer networking events with inspiring expert speakers.
  • We were really pleased to have several new additions to the Predictum team this year to support our collaborative projects, training, and consulting opportunities, which will continue well into next year.

As we draw closer to the end of the year, we’re seeing another resurgence in transmissibility of the Omicron variant and reimposed pandemic restrictions. It’s vital that we continue our search for better methods and to remain resilient in helping each other navigate our way gracefully through business and personal challenges to thrive in the face of external conditions. We wish you a safe, health, and peaceful holiday season and a brighter year of revitalization in 2022.