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For almost 30 years, we have enabled our clients to realize dramatic operational improvement and achieve greater productivity gains in engineering, science, and research from our advanced analytical solutions and services. Our deep expertise in advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) has helped a broad range of clients, which include Fortune 100 companies in various industries.

Today’s companies are faced with complex and ever-changing demands from their customers, industry trends, and regulatory compliance. The convergence of big data, machine learning, and business intelligence is where predictive analytics can help your business advance ahead of the competition. We can help you determine the right people, tools, and operational focus to help your organization resolve today’s challenges with next-generation solutions in predictive analytics.

Our solutions and service offerings are largely focused on the following main areas of expertise.

Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management solutions for collective intelligence enable our clients to capture, classify, and store experimental and research data so that it’s structured, tagged with relevant metadata, and centrally saved for accessibility, advanced searching, visualization, and analysis.

We blend deep expertise, advanced analytical capabilities, and statistical modeling in tailoring our solutions to transform your data into knowledge assets to enable engineers, scientists, and researchers to make insightful discoveries in their daily work.

Integrated Analytical Systems Development

Companies that seek an advanced analytical solution for engineering, science, and research initiatives may find themselves in a “buy vs build” scenario when off-the-shelf solutions just don’t seem to either fit the business or industry, handle multiple levels of complexity, or leverage the correlations among relevant factors. A custom analytical system for your line of business is a significant investment. It needs to be robust, reliable, and scalable, yet be agile and adaptable to keep pace with changing business objectives in the long term.

We are experts at building and implementing tailored, integrated analytical systems, applications, and tools from the ground up to meet and surpass client-specific, data-driven, and industrial-level requirements. We partner with our clients to develop cost-effective and easy-to-deploy integrated analytical systems for higher operational performance, problem-solving, and productivity by engineers, scientists, and researchers.

Data Science Consulting and Statistical Training

Our multidisciplinary team of consultants have deep expertise and cross-industry experience in their respective areas of specialization in data science, statistical methods, and technical facilitation.

We work alongside our clients to gain an understanding their most pressing business challenges and requirements and identify underperforming areas of productivity and process control. Our consulting services will help you finetune your analytics strategy to evolve and mature as part of a knowledge-sharing and insight-driven culture in engineering, science, and research.

Operational Intelligence

Many companies are facing emerging risks of stricter compliance regulations and the growing complexity of product design and manufacturing in various industries. They require more sophisticated analytical capabilities in real-time visibility and reporting for analyzing large amounts of event-driven data in operational processes.

Our operations intelligence solutions feature an event-driven system architecture, AI, system monitoring and alerts, powered by JMP Scripting Language (JSL), Compliance as a Consequence™, which orchestrates and automates continuous compliance. We can tailor the right combination of advanced features, platforms, and technologies to help you stay ahead of stringent regulatory requirements and maintain audit readiness.

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