We make the demanding work of engineers and scientists more productive.

Get the most out of our analytical applications, training, and consulting to advance engineering and science.


Accelerate problem solving and Research & Development

Accelerate problem solving with engaging, real-world learning and without requiring a PhD in statistics

Integrated Analytical Systems Development

Streamline and standardize repetitive procedures

Modernize, streamline, and manage repetitive procedures with standard work and Industry 4.0 technologies

Statistical Consulting and Data Science

Establish the best analytical practice to achieve your goals

Improve productivity and results using our interdisciplinary team with deep experience in data science, AI & machine learning

Consulting, Analytics, and Training

Phase Appropriate Quality by Design

Harness a phase-appropriate QbD strategy to mitigate risks and challenges at all stages of drug development

Our Offerings

Solutions and services for elevating productivity and accelerating R&D

Capture and index data and analyses as unified knowledge assets that can be shared across your teams to prevent duplicate work efforts

Streamline your experimentation and research with a virtual lab that leverages standard work and Industry 4.0 technologies

Build insight-rich predictive models quickly and cost-effectively, by combining the power of machine learning with DOE and small data sets.

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Why Predictum?

Get in touch today to discover how to collaborate with us on solving your pressing business challenges with advanced analytical solutions for engineering, science, and research.

Accelerate R&D and problem solving; improve business performance.

Engineering and science are on the critical path of every manufacturer and R&D intensive organization, yet readily available advancements in their productivity remain untapped. Integrated analytical systems and training opportunities facilitate and standardize engineering and science, leaving more time and energy for innovative thinking.

Go with the one proven method that improves efficiency and productivity: Standard Work

Integrated analytical systems are the best way to standardize work and allow your team to take advantage of machine learning and other statistical methods. Standardized work saves money and allows more time for problem solving and innovation.

Collaborate with our multidisciplinary team of engineers, statisticians, and data scientists with complementary skill sets

We are committed to elevating clients to higher levels of productivity and operational excellence. We show clients how the right blend of analytical tools, training, and consulting services for their unique business needs will pave the way to continuous improvement and innovation.

Rely on our expertise as a leading partner of JMP software

JMP software is a key platform of our business offerings since it is specifically designed for use by engineers and scientists. We help clients to discover the unexpected with unparalleled analytical capabilities in statistical methods, design of experiments, data visualization and analysis, predictive modeling, machine learning, and AI.

Over 75 global organizations trust Predictum

Predictum provides advanced solutions and services in integrated analytical systems development, training, and consulting for engineering and science.

We offer methodology, custom training, and managed services.


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Customer Success Built over 25+ Years of Experience and Trust

Client Success Stories


Rules Compliance in Experiments with Complex Chemical Formulations

For greater improvement in producing its product offerings, a global consumer products company conducted experiments with complex chemical formulations that required compliance with mixture combination rules.


Reliability Modeling Using High-Volume Data from Heavy Equipment

A global manufacturer in the heavy equipment industry required a data management solution for equipment units that generated large quantities of data, which were used to build reliability models.

Consumer Electronics

Early Warning and Rapid Response Solution for Call Center

The call center of a multinational, consumer electronics company saw a drastic reduction of failures in its backend systems with our solution, thereby minimizing the risk of spikes in activity from costly support calls.

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