Our purpose is to make hidden opportunities and risks readily apparent to improve productivity, quality and yields and accelerate R&D.

How can Predictum help you?

Predictum works with organizations in many sectors:

  • Semiconductor
  • Life Sciences / BioTech
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Products
  • Solar / Alternative Energy
  • Discrete Manufacturing
  • Chemical

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Apps that Think for Themselves

Our applications think for themselves. As your world changes, new products, process changes, new data collected, they are instantly incorporated into our applications without code changes.

OIS Introduction

An Operations Intelligence System (OIS) will increase productivity, quality and yield.

Virtual Lab

Imagine being able to exploit learning from thousands of experiments over decades.

Analytical Productivity™ is vital to achieving improvements and breakthroughs in operating and design performance. Predictum provides custom applications and learning tools that support this effort. Predictum is in the business of making statistical analysis accessible, simple and cost effective. We work with our clients to create analytical solutions with tools that provide the inertia for error-free operations. Companies hire Predictum to leverage their analytical resources by automating analyses that prevent costly mistakes and reveal valuable insight and making them available to all sorts of staff from Operating Personnel, Engineers, Scientists and all levels of Management.

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